Quality BDSM education & courses in the Art of Servitude

Don’t let circumstance get in the way of your submission or BDSM education. Whether you are yearning to become a more obedient slave, want to be reformed into a better member of society or simply want to learn more about BDSM; Mistress Sabine will ensure you are educated in the art of submission, servitude, and BDSM.

Enroll today in St. Jack’s Reformatory for Wayward boys and become one of Mistress Sabine’s devoted students.

Those who enroll in one of Sabine’s online courses will walk away with a better understanding of BDSM and the art of servitude. Your lessons will prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally to forsake your ego and admire, submit, and serve Mistress Sabine.

St. Jack’s Reformatory for Wayward boys utilizes Mistress Sabine’s skills, techniques and years of BDSM/kink practice to create unique and original courses. Mistress Sabine has used many of the techniques found in Her courses on Her subs and slaves in live sessions, ensuring each and every task will force your surrender.

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Find quality BDSM educational programs & courses in the Art of Servitude

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Overview This program is designed for those who yearn for the powerless ineptitude that comes with being blackmailed. If...
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