This program is designed for those who yearn for the powerless ineptitude that comes with being blackmailed. If you want to experience the shame, depravity, debasement, and helplessness that happens if the Mistress outs you, this course is for you.

This course operates with your consent and a contractual obligation on your end. your contract will be seen as a debt, once you pay your debt off, your blackmail will be destroyed. If you cannot uphold your contract (pay off your debt), your blackmail will fall into the wrong hands. The Mistress will take great pleasure in the shame, humiliation, and torment She bestows upon you as your life crumbles to pieces with the potential exposure of your blackmail.

This course is designed to modify your behavior to become the perfect blackmail slave for Mistress Sabine. your blackmail will be held against you as the Mistress forces you to surrender your money, leaving you powerless, weak and begging Her for more. your reality will no longer be yours to own.

This course is NOT task oriented and only focuses on your obligations and contract to pay Mistress Sabine to keep your blackmail to Herself.

This program is designed for those who are familiar with online domination, familiar with blackmail and those who are new to these concepts.

Duration & Objective

This program is broken up into 4 weeks, with 1 tribute payment per week. Each week you will be required to send the Mistress a tribute to ensure your blackmail doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, potentially destroying your security, reputation, and life as you know it.

This program will require commitment, time, patience and devotion. This program is designed to force your surrender, those who cannot uphold their contract will be blackmailed.

In this course, your communication with Mistress Sabine will be minimal, with the exception of a few threats sent your way to ensure you stay on track.

If you are outed, your unique piece of blackmail will be posted to Mistress Sabine’s social media accounts, Her website, and other online platforms for all to see. If you are lucky She will even put your blackmail in the local newspaper. A large removal fee will be accepted for those who are outed.


After your enrollment in you will be expected to pay a ‘tithe’ to Mistress Sabine every week. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of ‘tithing’, in its religious context, it’s the practice of paying 10% of your income to the church as an expression of devotion and submission. St. Jack’s Reformatory is Mistress Sabine’s church, and to keep your blackmail a secret, She will require you to pay a weekly tithe. Every week She keeps your blackmail, you will provide Her a tithe payment of 10% of your income from that week.

For example, if you make $1000/week, you would pay Mistress Sabine 10%, which would come to $100/week.

If you expect Mistress Sabine to give you Her time and attention, you must be prepared to compensate Her. you will be expected to submit financially, mentally and emotionally. Those who do best in this program are the ones who understand the Mistress’s time is valuable. The time and energy She extends on you should be well recognized.

Beyond the financial cost involved, your livelihood, your ego, and your reputation will be put on the line. you will be blackmailed if you do not follow your contractual obligation to pay your debt off. Mistress Sabine will ruin you for Her sinful amusement. If you do find yourself in the unsavory position of having your blackmail out in the open, a large removal fee will take down all evidence of your misdeeds.


For the lucky few who are able to complete their contract, they will be eligible to continue paying their debt to Mistress Sabine to ensure their blackmail does not expose them.

By the end of this course…

  • you will earn the chance to have your blackmail destroyed
  • you will earn the chance to continue paying your debt to the Mistress

Other noteworthy information

  • If you have been blackmailed by a Mistress before, you will find this program to be familiar in terms of your expectations. This program is similar to other forms of blackmail offered by Dominas
  • This course is NOT a task-oriented course. This course will train you how to pay your ‘tithe’ in a timely fashion to ensure you are not blackmailed and your life is not ruined by the Mistress’s sinful acts
  • This course is ideal for those who are curious about their blackmail kink or those who are well versed in being blackmailed
  • you will send a few pieces of incriminating blackmail to the Mistress after enrollment
  • All contracts will have a ‘buy out clause’ and a ‘removal fee clause’