Chastity | Key Holding

Chastity | Key Holding


The reality of your cock locked away for Mistress Sabine pleasure is just a click away. She will gladly seize your keys and become your keyholder, ensuring your cock no longer controls your life.

This program is designed for those who need the proper understanding about what it means to surrender their sex and pleasure to Mistress Sabine. For those who wish to discover how their desire of chastising their body can bring the Mistress great amusement, this course is for you. Mistress Sabine will confiscate the keys to your cage and ensure your freedom is restricted.

From the beginning of this course, you will lock away your member for Her pleasure. your sex will no longer control you and you will come to understand the feeling of arousal in your new cage.

This program is for those who are moderate to advanced chastity cage wearers and are already familiar with chastity and having their Mistress become their keyholder. This course will require you to wear your cage consistently for 1 month.

Mistress Sabine will hold onto your keys for the duration of this course. At the end of your course, you will have the opportunity to continue your caged life or have Mistress Sabine send your keys back to end your abstinence.

Duration & Objective

This program is a month long course with 1 weekly task and 1 weekly keyholding payment, both designed to help you understand how to relinquish your sex and pleasure for Sabine’s pleasure. you will learn how to abstain, entertain and relinquish your sex while She holds the keys to your freedom. Mistress Sabine finds great pleasure in keeping your sex locked and confined.

Each week you will send Mistress Sabine a tribute for Her keyholding and complete 1 task before the end of the week. you will be required to send Mistress Sabine one key while you keep the other one in case of an emergency. Upon the arrival of your key, the Mistress will post a picture on Her Twitter page (@StJack_Training) of Her holding your key.

At the end of the course, for an additional fee of $20.00, you can opt for your key to be sent back to you with a Polaroid of the Mistress holding your key around Her neck.

This program will require commitment, time, patience and devotion. This program is designed to force your surrender and will require weekly tasks to be performed and logged in order to move to the next task. Those who fail to complete their tasks will be deleted from the program.

This is not a training course but is akin to any other key holding experience you may have had with a Mistress. Mistress Sabine will become your key holder, ensuring you are locked up until you earn the right to your freedom.


If you expect Mistress Sabine to give you Her time, you must be prepared to compensate Her. This program works out to be $25.00/week + cost of lock + the cost of a cage if you do not yet own one.

If you feel the urge to disobey the Mistress and remove your cage (for any reason except for emergencies), you will be required to pay Her a ‘Cage Removal Fee’ of $40.00. If at any point you pleasure yourself without Mistress Sabines explicit instructions to do so, you will need to pay a ‘Self Pleasure Fee’ of $50.00 each time you touch yourself. You can find these items in Mistress Sabine’s ‘Slave Store’. If you are dishonest with Mistress Sabine, She will banish you as Her slave, a disobedient and dishonest slave is not worth keeping around.

you will be encouraged to invest in a chastity cage from Mistress Sabine’s shop (click here) and you will not be able to partake in this course if you do not own a chastity cage with keys.

The cages Mistress Sabine offers on Her site are meant for long-term wear and will be able to sustain all the torments and tortures She will require of your body. If you already have a cage with keys, you may use it with the knowledge that the tasks in this course are oriented to those who purchase a long-term wearable cage from Mistress Sabine’s shop.

Those who are able to demonstrate their enthusiasm, servitude, and esteem through gifts, tributes, and gestures, will do well. Those who do best in this program are the ones who understand the Mistress’s time is valuable. The time and energy She extends on your training should be well recognized.


When you reach the end of your 30-day program you will be eligible to have your behavior and performance reviewed by Mistress Sabine. If She gives you a good evaluation, you will be treated accordingly and granted permission to continue serving Her as Her locked up chastity slave.

  • If Mistress Sabine feels you can serve Her well when locked up, She may become your permanent keyholder
  • By the end of this course, you will better understand how you can please Mistress Sabine through the forfeit of your sex and pleasure
  • You will garner the opportunity to continue serving Mistress Sabine as Her chastity slave
  • Your cock will no longer control you and will be put to better use.